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Please note:

Although we use the best quality components that we can find for the type of jewelry we make, we are in no way a seller of "fine" or "top-of-the-line" gold and silver jewelry that you would find in a jewelry store or counter.


When the terms gold or silver are used here, this usually means the color of the metal or gold-plated and silver-plated and not filled or fine metals. Those pieces that do include filled metals will be clearly marked.


You will find pieces that do refer to stainless steel, sterling silver, and niobium.  These will be clearly marked.


A description of the types of metals used in jewelry making are listed at the link "Metals in Jewelry" shown above.


Some of the colors used by Swarovski Crystals and other suppliers may seem to indicate precious gemstones, i.e., Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire or Diamond. However, these names indicate the color of the crystal or other material. We do, however, use semi-precious gemstones in some of our creations.


A list of the types of beading materials used in jewelry making can be found at the link "Beads in Jewelry" above.


Some materials do tend to tarnish.  If this happens, please follow directions for care for your particular material that can be found on-line. 

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