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I love to create with beads because of the many colors, materials, shapes, and sizes.  Add to this the many connectors, settings, metals, and possible outcomes. 


I came to beading late in life.  I had always been fascinated with stone beads (with their many natural colors) and wanted to start beading many years ago, but it was hard to find bead shops. 


I was inspired one day when we came across a bead shop while on vacation and stopped in.  What I did not expect was that my husband, Richard, would also be inspired.


We discovered so many types of beads that we had no idea existed: Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones (Hematite fascinates me), seed beads, metals, acrylics, and so many more! They come as bicones, flats, rounds, large, small…so many sizes and shapes WOW.  We were hooked!


I hope you enjoy our pieces as much as we enjoyed creating them.


If you have any suggestions for my website, please let me know through my contact page!


I want to thank you for visiting our website, Gilded Beader LLC. We are in Mount Vernon, Washington, but only sell our creations online and at person-to-person venues when permitted.


Jody A. Brown


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